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The Wedding Process

Many couples contact me and don't know where to start in planning their wedding.  Here is a very brief review of the steps to take in making your wedding an incredible event. 



  • Find the love of your life!
  • Get engaged - okay guys, be creative and romantic!
  • Decide on a wedding date. Remember, you can save a bundle of cash and enjoy some popular wedding sites by getting married on a day other than Saturday! Friday's and Sundays work well! And try to be open to early and evening times.
  • Shop around for a great wedding location. Make your reservations early!
  • Engage in all other normal planning related to place, food, and other reception issues. Do yourself a favor, don't get too caught up in the all the little things that the magazines say are required ... save your money. What people will remember is how beautiful you two are, how much in love you are, and what the food was like! The little party favors are simply not necessary and usually get tossed. Save the money, save the headache..
  • Meet with an officiant (hopefully me!) to go over all details of the ceremony, etc. Choose and book your officiant early. It is a good idea to book your officiant at least six months in advance if possible. A good officiant like myself will take you through every step of the ceremony from organizing the wedding party to walking out the door. We are concerned about YOU, not trying to squeeze you into our own desires.
  • Place a deposit to book me for the day and time of your choice. If you can't get together for a meeting right away, lets do a phone meeting and get the deposit paid so you don't lose your time and date.
  • You and your fiancé go to the courthouse and obtain a wedding license. In North Carolina, you may obtain a Marriage License from the Register of Deeds Office in any County Courthouse in the state.  In North Carolina, obtain your Marriage License not more than 60 days before the wedding date.   For weddings in other states, please consult with local Register of Deeds in the County Courthouse.
  • Work on the ceremony words over email with me between our meeting and the wedding day. So many are waiting until the last day to get the ceremony together. Get it done early!
  • Prior to the wedding day, you mail me the balance of the fee and the wedding license. This way, all of the business side is taken care of and all you have to do is show up happy and beautiful!
  • Show up for the wedding! Since you hired professionals, the wedding will run itself. You don't have to do or worry about a thing. Enjoy, enjoy, and let us professionals take care of everything.
  • Have the ceremony! I guide everyone at every step of the ceremony, no one needs to know anything - I've done this before!
  • After the ceremony, I deliver my parts of the wedding license to the courthouse.
  • When I file the wedding license, the clerk of court will register your marriage and will send you a certified copy of your license for you to use in name changes (ie – Social Security card, Driver’s License, etc.)  Note:  Please inquire about additional fees for this service by asking the Register of Deeds when you originally apply for your marriage license.
  • Call me when you have kids or a new home that needs blessing!